Accurate Cloning Essay

Writing an Interesting and Accurate Cloning Essay As with any scientific subject, a cloning essay should follow considerable research. What was once the stuff of science fiction is now a science reality. Being sure to get all the facts and present them clearly will produce a good essay.

There are a couple of angles to take on this type of scientific analytical essay. First, who was the first cloned creature to make the news (and survive)? Answer, Dolly, the sheep. She survived and was considered a success story for many years. Or, a biography essay can be written about cloning experts that have made milestones.

What is cloning and what are the common misconceptions about it? First of all, although the cloned creature is an exact genetic duplicate of the original, it will not be the same in every way. A clone doesnt spring forth, alive and full grown, either. Clones are the result of taking genetic material and re-starting it from scratch in a test tube. If the original is young enough when the material is used, there will be a time when both the original and the clone appear to be twins. However, the original will age in advance of the clone and eventually appear older. Clones age too, В but since they are made from the original, they wont be the same age.

Can anything be cloned? Pretty much anything with DNA can be cloned. Success rates vary, however. Plant clones tend to be very successful, but animal clones arent reliable for longevity. This would be an interesting point to add to a cloning essay.

How about human cloning? It is theoretically possible, but fraught with both technical and ethical problems. Many consider it to be «playing God» and attempting to create life. One response to that idea is that they aren’t «creating» life out of nothing, they only «replicate» life.

Like a copied document or reproduced photograph, it appears exactly like the original without actually having the same substance. Would a cloned human have a soul? Anyone who believes in the existence of the soul, believes it comes from God. There’s only one to a customer! You could write a lengthy cloning essay on that one facet, alone.

Why would a cloned person or animal not be exactly like the original? Because it wouldnt grow up in exactly the same environment. Even identical twins dont have exactly the same environment! One is always the eldest and one is always the youngest, even if the age difference is only a matter of a few minutes. If a clone is raised in a different home or by parents that are older than the originals, or exposed to different TV shows, music and even neighborhoods, there will be subtle changes in the personality.

Many times there have been announcements that a human cloning has been done successfully, but all have been proven false. Will it happen someday? Probably. Will it be a good thing? Probably not. Remember В«Jurassic ParkВ» and the results of cloning dinosaurs? Sounded like a good idea to begin with, didnt it? Using adult stem cells from a patient so the patient becomes his or her own donor is a much better idea than cloning another person to be used as an В«organ farmВ» dont you think? Imagine the horror of finding out that you were cloned to provide a heart for someone else!

This is a scary topic, but if you are planning to write a cloning essay be sure you do it with accuracy. Remember to research essay topics thoroughly before starting on the project.