I’m in a listicle! I’ve arrived!

The other day I noticed an unusually high number of Etsy favorite notifications on my phone – which, as it turns out, were due to click-through traffic from Buzzfeed. The listicle29 Perfect Merit Badges for Adults” featured three of my Snarky Scouts badges: Instagram Selfies, Skinny Dipping, and Dirty Dancing.

This is awesome because A) it’s just awesome to see one’s work listed alongside other cool projects; B) my Etsy shop’s traffic has gone up; and C) lots of people are marking badges as “favorites” in Etsy.

Etsy shop and item views
Etsy shop and item views
Number of times someone marks my shop or an item as a "favorite."
Number of times someone marks my shop or an item as a “favorite.”

However, these views aren’t yet translating to sales. So far I’ve had only one, and that was to a cool dude in the UK.

C’mon Americans! I’m impatient and you should be too!


Just kidding.



Sort of.



But the good thing about having more people favorite my work is that when I list new items, they very well might show up on those folks’ Etsy homepages.  Time to list some of my new designs!